Let's make healthcare affordable and good health achievable.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves good physical and financial health.

Our Mission

We will help consumers afford the care they need to lead healthy lives. We will help our healthcare clients provide sensible payment options.

Our Philosophy

At some point all of us are healthcare consumers. From a quick doctor’s visit to the more complex surgery, the cost of healthcare often is top of mind. In fact, according to our 3rd annual Healthcare Consumerism study, 92% of consumers say healthcare is an expense that requires financing of more than 12 months.

That’s why ClearBalance® is committed to helping people afford the care they need to lead healthy, happy lives. The healthcare industry will continue to evolve. So we must think, act and lead differently if we are to provide our clients and consumers with patient financing solutions  that make sense. At all times we will act in an honest, fair and compassionate manner.

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